While one of my feet is based in Malmö, the other one is on a constant move around the world. My work as a photographer takes me to all sorts of exciting destinations, which suits my restless soul perfectly. With that being said, I do a little bit of this and that, and since I studied graphic design, that’s also my other profession, why choose when you can do both?

As a photographer, I prefer shooting lifestyle, travels, portraits and weddings, all in natural lights, and you can find some of my work here and here. As a graphic designer I work regularly for clients like IKEA and ELLE, but I also take on smaller projects and create menus, logos and brochures.

Over at my blog you get to tag along on my travels, my daily life and what I’m inspired by, and please just shoot me an email if you have any questions or enquiries, or just a simple hello!


Travel updates 2017:
Fetch me while I’m around!

J A N U A R Y → Madrid  ✓
F E B R U A R Y → Los Angeles  ✓
M A R C H → Stockholm ✓ Bali
J U N E → Rome
J U L Y → Örnsköldsvik
N O V E M B E R → Vancouver