September 12, 2014
12 Sep 2014

provence 3

Checkar ut för helgen – nu tar jag tåget hem till Malmö igen! Dock inte mycket ledighet för mig de kommande dagarna, det ska redigeras bilder från Mölle, Helsingborg och Provence, bl a. Lite att göra med andra ord.
Har ni några förslag på intressanta podcasts förresten? Behöver lite nya tips där känner jag. Jag skulle vilja hitta någon man kan följa och nästan bli beroende av, ni vet, som en tv-serie. (Å andra sidan kan jag ju bara kan sätta igång ett gäng avsnitt av t ex Silicon Valley då…) Aja, hit me anyway!

Checking out for the weekend and jumping on the train back home to Malmö! I’m not expecting to have much time off these following days though, picture editing from  Mölle, Helsingborg and Provence is on the agenda.
Oh, do you have any hot tips for interesting podcasts by the way? I need new insights. I’d love to find something you can follow and almost become addicted to, you know, like a tv-show. (On the other hand I might just actually put on a show, like Silicon Valley, and solve the problem…) Oh well, hit me anyway!

provence 2provence 1Unpublished pictures from Provence, France.



July 29, 2014
29 Jul 2014

latelySome snapshots from Italy where I was photographing a wedding in June:

1. Hotel corridor leading out to the beautiful village. // 2. Just another pretty street and building (and man).
3. Arrival day, pretty decent office while working on the shoot I did the day before. // 4. Yet another pretty street.



July 7, 2014
07 Jul 2014


För ungefär en vecka sedan var jag i Umeå och jobbade några dagar. Det var fantastiskt på många sätt, och norra Sverige är så vansinnigt vackert och naturskönt, jag börjar förstå mina norrländska vänners sporadiska hemlängtan.  
A week or so ago, I was working in Umeå for a couple of days. It was so great in many ways, and north of Sweden is pretty spectacular with its beauty and stunning environment. I’m starting to understand why my friends from Norrland get homesick now and then. 

1. Stayed in a really nice hotel // 2. The sun never really sets up there this time of year, it was amazing. 
3. Cute houses around the city // 4. And after a couple of days’ work up north, I took off to Italy for a wedding. 

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June 17, 2014
17 Jun 2014

latelyBerlin weekend:
1. Beautiful apartment in Neukölln. // 2. Waking up at Roamers. 
3. Coffee at Silo, obviously. // 4. The awesome Berlin crew.


May 27, 2014
27 May 2014

lately1. Late evening walk in Stockholm // 2. Flowerstands. This time of year is just pure magic.
3. Me having dinner with my dearest Matilda // 4. Coming home! <3

pictures from my instagram.


May 13, 2014
13 May 2014


From my days in Berlin:
1. The cool dudes Alex and Tony // 2. Cloudy but wonderful 1st of May. 
3. Just very Berlin. (Outside Five Elephant) // 4. Something I had been longing for – coffee at Aunt Benny

viamy instagram

Lately – daily pictures

April 9, 2014
09 Apr 2014

latelyJag blev utmanad att visa 5 vardagsbilder på Instagram, och sifferdyslektiker som jag tydligen är så blev det 6 stycken.
I was challenged to show 5 daily pictures on Instagram, and since I apparently have numberdyslexia I posted 6 of them.

1. Early morning travels to a new-old client // 2. At the new-old client – IKEA Communications
3. Teaching this girl some photography // 4.  After work in Älmhult (yep)
5. Pretty good office in Malmö, if you ask me. // 6. Visiting my lovely hometown.


March 16, 2014
16 Mar 2014

lately1. A Tuesday dinner in Copenhagen // 2. Wish I could bring both the cafe and the owners to Sweden
3 & 4. Sunny and beautiful days in Stockholm.


March 13, 2014
13 Mar 2014

latelyWhen I was back in Berlin:
1. My second office, Silo // 2. And their brilliant coffee
3. Jazz evening! // 4. A drink with my dear Canadian gang at the Antlered Bunny 


February 26, 2014
26 Feb 2014

Lately1. Snowy Stockholm // 2. The sun woke me up several mornings // 3 + 4. Best bakery in town probably – Fabrique.  
5. More houses from Stockholm // 6. A lovely dinner with my dear friend Matilda

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