Clara and Zandra are two very cool girls which alias is Lilla Vardag. And these two Malmö-ambassadors are something both the city and its citizens can be very proud of, they’re highlighting all the good things about this region and are also open to its downsides (which is, unfortunately, the only thing bigger media likes to talk about). 

I discovered these two creative geniuses via their podcast, and have since then been both inspired and fascinated by their success, plus taken part of their brilliant tips and recommendations from around Malmö. They’re also extremely fun to hang out with!

I took these pictures a late September afternoon when both light and weather was to our favor, and we topped it off with a glass of wine at Story hotel’s rooftop terrace with the most stunning view above Malmö. 

– So, how did you two get to know each other?
“About six years ago we both started working at a department store here in Malmö. Meanwhile we were also studying full time and tried to juggle the two of them, so our friendship kind of grew strong since we shared the same type of everyday life.”

– How did you come up with the idea to “Lilla Vardag”?
“When we both finished our university studies, we realized, during one of our many walks in Pildammsparken, that we will suddenly have quite a bit of downtime. And we don’t like downtime! So this was when we started thinking about what we wanted to do and what we’re good at. From the thought of a new everyday life taking shape, our idea about the podcast Lilla Vardag grew. Content and expression is based on our love for Malmö and being very fond of talking haha. But mainly because we figured a voice from Malmö was missing, a lot of the content aiming towards our kind of audience is based in Stockholm. Bummer, according to us. So we bought some microphones, was taught how to edit audio files and started recording on Zandra’s bedroom floor once a week. 
We used Instagram as a tool to spread the podcast in the beginning, and became aware of how big the interest was to get content focused on Malmö, also on Instagram. So we kind of made that our main subject – to highlight Malmö and what its offering. 

– An extremely good initiative I think. And you’ve had a pretty hectic summer, tell us, what was your main mission? 
“Yeah, to say the least! But also one of our best summers! We were asked to take over Malmöfestivalen’s Instagram account, partly for the whole summer, but mainly during the weeks of the festival. The purpose was to offer a digital way to experience the festival. And we literally ran around the whole area to cover as many as possible of the 950 activities from the program. To spread the joy, create curiosity and to help the visitors to find something new and fun!”

– It feels as though the Malmöfestival has grown by every year, both better and bigger, what do you think was this year’s highights?
“We agree! Best this years was the Instagram account. Just jokes, but we are happy, proud and honored to discover that Malmöfestivalen is brave enough to try new things, among that Lilla Vardag. One of the best things about the festival is that they are always looking for innovation and to be able to offer the visitor something they hadn’t expected. We were blown away by how brilliant the project team was booking all the activities during a short period of time. One crazy show by Motosikai and another top notch Taekwondo performance are two of our best festival memories. And the food of course.”

– Wow! It does sound like you could need a little downtime after this though, but what’s you plan for the fall?
“Yeah what goes up must come down, we’ve heard. So partly we’re planning for recovery. We have, since the start of Lilla Vardag, been running pretty fast and managed a lot, which we are very happy about. But it’s worth mentioning we’ve also had another full time job. So the plan for the fall is to focus on Malmö content, create collaborations with similar xx to offer tips and recommendations for whoever is interested in Malmö. And we’re hoping to take plenty of new images in front of colorful walls in our fantastic city.”


5 rapid questions in Malmö:

1. Breakfast or dinner? (And where in that case?)
“Dinner! At least for now. Only just discovered Kv. Åkern, we’re probably the last ones doing so but it’s definitely the spot Lilla Vardag is going to indulge in the ‘Chef’s choice’ as soon as our budget allows. The cabbage sandwich at Scandwish is also one of the yummiest things we’ve eaten.

2. Best coffee?
Cafe Dornonville! Maybe because mainly it’s the most instagram friendly place in Malmö, but it’s the experience as a whole that’s the most important, right.”

3. Best drink for an after work?
“A cold glass of crispy cava or a peppery GT, hopefully at Belle next time we’re out. Other than that we’re looking forward to try Gustavino for a glass of red, and until then you’ll probably find us with a glass house wine at Restaurang Möllan.”

4. Best falafel?
Saluhallen! Definitely the best one. But as the Malmö-girls we are, we’re often getting a roll with every possible sauce from our local Dalaplans Grill.”

5. Best typical Malmö-experience if you’re visiting?
Kallis! Our best Malmö recommendation is to jump on a bike and hit the ocean to zero set mind and body. Other great things to do is to grab a falafel and eat it in one of the parks around the city! Or to hang out at the most sun safe bench outside Konsthallen. Or to shop flowers from the flowerlady Bodil at Möllevångstorget. Malmö is packed with experiences, big and small.” 

– Last but not least, what’s happening with your dear podcast?
“Life is happening! The podcast is taking more time than we can spare. Right now prioritize Instagram pictures, to publish Malmö recommendations at every Monday and to explore the city in research for the content we’re creating. But you’ll never know, if the desire returns you might hear our Skåne-voices again in the future!”

Thanks girls, you’re amazing! See you at Belle! 

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